Eggs Galore

This year I decided that we were going to try a few tricks that were on Pinterest. Which by the way is my favorite site. I absolutely am obsessed. That is an understatement … it’s an addiction! Anyways, we used kool- aid packets! Which by the way smell great and is much easier with cleaning up!! You use one packet of whatever color you want to use… and 1/3 cup water! That simple! We also have an artist in our family she is 3! She used a whisk to hold the egg which was pretty easy for her to do it on her own! Well, until she learned she can stir so fast it spills the dye all over! Here is from our night!!

We even made a “yucky” brown one! All you have to do is mix, mix, mix! Pretty much until it turns yucky!

She was sooo proud to do it all by herself!

The whisk gave her confidence!!

She was a pro!

I was going to do one!! She was saying sooo pretty momma!

Our beautiful eggs!

She enjoyed this the most I think from Easter. Well besides the egg hunt the next day! Overall we had a great time!

Next year for sure we will be using koolaid! We will try to experiment with more colors!! Can’t wait for next year!


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