6 Years and Many More to Go

Today is officially our anniversary! It’s been six years since the day we made it official. I never thought that one little comment to help me figure out a website would lead to a wonderful relationship. We had started writing each other on a website called Tagworld. I’m not even sure it is still running. I was new on the site and posted on a forum: “can someone help me figure this out? Well, he was the only one who wrote me back. We eventually exchanged email addresses and talked more there. We only actually lived 40 minutes from each other. Way weird because it has people all over the world on it. I feel it was meant to be. We met and started dating about a month later. Here we are today two kids later. We still have not tied the knot but have had a very wonderful 6 years together. Sometime soon we will probably get engaged but right now were happy being together. He’s truly my best friend and support. Never has he given up on me in our hardest trials. I know that he will support me and stick by my side thru it all. Couldn’t wish for anything more. We may not have it all together but together we have it all!

Instagram picture of our date



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