My Stick People Family

I am currently obsessed with the cars that have the vinyl stick people family on their back windows. They are too cute! I know most people hate them, and yeah its annoying to some. But, I absolutely adore them! Ever since becoming a “mom” I am in love with “mom” things! Today my daughter was invited to my friends sons first birthday party! All I did was talk mom things. Diapering, naps, tantrums, to my sex life as a mom. Its been a great transition in my life having kids. Truly has made a better person! My kids are my life and I believe I was made to be a mother. I have a few friends who never want to be a mom. That seems sooo weird to me since I don’t even know what my life was like before kids. Yes, I do miss the occasional bar time and being spontaneous when it comes to plans but, I wouldn’t change it for anything. I just recently became a stay at home mom and I would say this job is the most difficult decision I have ever made. We don’t have money coming in like before (not like I made much) but it did pay a bill or two. I will gladly quit the cable and eat in more just to save a buck! Wish I knew more couponing.. anyone know how to?? Message me!! I could always use the help! So back to my stick people family. I was looking at the newspaper ads and saw the jewelry that has stick people. I am not really a jewelry person but have always wanted aka: a mothers ring/ necklace! I pointed hinting… Mothers Day is coming up soon! He said will the stick people for your car work! I almost died!! I didn’t think he knew I loved them soo much! Well, here’s to hoping in my future soon I too could have a stick people family!



2 thoughts on “My Stick People Family

  1. I used to think they were terrible (before having children) and now I want them too!! Haha So glad to see I’m not alone 🙂

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