Spring Cleaning

Lately the weather in my opinion just sucks! I am hoping for warmer days! Since they are soo crummy I have decided to do most of my spring cleaning now, so when it is warm I can enjoy those days! I have a list of items aka: areas I want to tackle! Its going to be tough but I am determined to get ahead one of these days with my cleaning! I know I know I am home all the time, honestly why wouldn’t the house be spotless! Well, really those of you who stay home… or even work throughout the week with kids will understand! If I had days to myself and no children my house may not be spotless but I will say it would be a lot cleaner than it is today! So for this week I have put on my to-do list: dining room! May not be the “normal” place for single people to clean but, for us it is … drop off for paper work, computer area, craft area, fish tank area, exercise room, changer table, play room, kids closet, and misc shove in the closet area! Probably the area in our home that is prone to messes! It usually happens where I can not get any crafting done or exercising done because of the mess!! Mainly, my excuse but if you saw it you would be the same way! Hopefully, tomorrow I will be posting… that I conquered the heaps of disaster and proudly claim my craft area back!! Here’s to spring cleaning!


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