Obsessed with Baby

When I was pregnant with Tenley I had joined a Facebook group for October due date mothers off the What to Expect Website. Very good website, I met a lot of great women and got really good information. This group was for all the pregnant mothers who were due in October 2011. What a great set up! After, we all started having our kids the ones who were still pregnant were being taken over by those who actually delivered. I decided to make a Moms group. Most of the women who were on the WTE October group moved to my group and others that were friends of mine. This group has been successful still now, and is growing everyday! We are bunch of wonderful women who have different input on how to raise our children. The group is mainly a support group for moms who want to brag, just vent, talk about anything, and meet new people. After 6 months it has 300 great women! While being in this group I have come to realize that I am obsessed with baby! Not even joking! My life has become babies/ toddlers/ playtime and nap time. I discuss baby all the time. I am pretty sure that those of my friends who have no children get quite annoyed with me always talking about babies. I do have adult time too (well sort of). I am not married, have two children, have bottle and breast-fed, had a c-section and a vbac. I am really open to learning new tricks of the trade and love hearing stories of other moms lives.

I have just recently become a stay at home mom and I would have to say it is one of the hardest jobs I have ever done! It’s a constant job, there is no breaks! Even in the bathroom, I don’t think when my child has been home with me that I have been able to pee alone more than a hand full of times! Amazing right?! Just the kind of job you want! I have to admit like two weeks before I decided to quit my job I had all these great projects I was going to accomplish!! The house was going to be spotless! I know I know you are all laughing at me when you read that!! Since, I never was a sahm I really didn’t know what to expect!! My days off of work were crazy but never expected everyday to be like that!! Well, sorry to say I was wrong! I really now know those moms who used to come into my work with her three kids and looked all frazzled I know I understand!! Mother to mother I know!

How has your life changed since being a sahm or sahd?!?!


2 thoughts on “Obsessed with Baby

  1. Hi Roxanne! I am a SAHM too!! I have an 18 month old daughter and two step sons who are 8 & 11. I also am a full time graduate student pursing my masters in professional counseling. I definitely can relate to the chaos and craziness of everyday life! Last July my husband was hit on his motorcycle and has been off of work ever since. Having 3 kids spaced out does help, but I’m inching for another one. Crazy right?! 🙂 We just moved and have a park next door which I love! My life now consists of making a pot of coffee in the morning, changing, feeding, dressing, cleaning, cooking, homework, disciplining!!!!, and if I’m lucky I get to take a shower in there somewhere. It’s noon or after before I realize I need to eat something. As much as I love my children, some days are hard and I think why oh why did I want this…?? But I truly feel that I am blessed to be able to stay home and raise my child as I want. I take her to an amazing sitters house 2-3 times a week so I can run errands or study. It’s a nice break. But it’s also nice to know I can be home with her and run the household as I please. Thanks for sharing your story!! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your story. Its refreshing to know other moms are like are we crazy somedays. But we all know we are blessed and have wonderful lives. You live in fond du lac correct? I would love to find a babysitter here and there to get some time to run errands!

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