Day 4 Photo a Day May

Day 4 of photo a day May wants pictures of fun and lines. Well, today was quite a sad day. I had just gotten home from a friend who I went to high school who had lost his three year old daughter. She was killed on May 1st. Such a sad day. May she be in the arms of God and have no more pain.

I did though get a picture of lines and also fun. The lines are of woodgrain from an end table in our living room. Lines are very hard to find when you are looking for them.


The next picture is of fun! We have lots of fun in our house. Playtime is a large part of everyday life! Imagination helps with creativity. My daughter Lyla thinks its fun to jump on my feet! She’s soo rambunctious! Well anyways here she is being goofy like always!


Are you doing photo a day may challenge with me? What were your choices for fun and lines!?


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