Seriously need to get back into the groove

It’s been awhile since I have posted! I would explain myself, but those who has children or lets just say lives can deter you from blog writing. I have absolutely nothing to show really for my absence! Not a clean house, my oldest is still not potty trained and well I’m not much more organized than I was before!
I am determined to get back to writing on this blog! I am excited to announce I have made up my mind about going to school for photography! Very exciting! Now I just need to make sure to get registered for spring! For the time being I am going to be making a few items and hopefully get an etsy site up and running!
As of my two girls: Lyla is sassier than ever and refuses to be potty trained but we work on colors and numbers and letters a lot. She knows all colors numbers so far 1 thru 10 and she knows the abcs as to the actual letters were struggling on a few! K and x particularly! Tenley can crawl and stand by herself! She eats ever god awful item on the floor! I do not vacuum enough I guess because she always seems to fid something! Next week I may have a rummage sale or we may take advantage that tony doesn’t work and go camping! Well theres my long update! I will hopefully be posting tomorrow! Thanks for reading!


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