Being Sick Without Daddy

This weekend was suppose to be a great girls weekend. Also, a cleaning weekend. Tony was attending a bachelor party that was the entire weekend camping. It was going great saying goodbye to daddy was the worst thing I expected to happen. That was until Lyla got sick and passed it to me!


Handwashing all the next day was my plan to keep Tenley from getting it. Saturday I had to go to the store and pick up some food and necessary items to survive! We also got the movie The Lady and the Tramp! All was okay until we started watching the movie and Lyla being wild as she is running! Then bam! Throw up on the floor! We relaxed the rest of the night! So far today we have been alright!
Daddy came home a little earlier than expected which is always nice. He enjoyed his weekend!
Now this week is busy busy getting the rummage sale ready for Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday! Please pray it goes well! This is my first real rummage I am doing!!


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