11 Months Old and Potty Training

Officially today Tenley is 11 months old, where has the time gone?! Seriously, I remember the moment I had found out I was pregnant! Then when I delivered her I didn’t know I had all this room to love another but I so did! My love for my girls grows larger everyday. Milestones Tenley has reached are walking, playing more with her sister, she babbles so much, we’re working on a cup, she sleeps thru the night, and hopefully moving to whole milk soon! So exciting!! What a ham she is!! Her personality definitely is showing each day! So funny how she stands her ground when she holds something she gets so mad and holds on for dear life. Must be because her older sister rips everything out of her hands.

Not to forget Lyla! Today she showed so much progress with potty training. We have a had a very difficult time. She was absolutely refusing to use the potty. Every potty. We tries rewards, and taking things away. It was hopeless! Until today! She stayed dry all day!! Hoping tomorrow is still looking forward!! Wish us luck! Any tips that helped your little one transition to the potty?!


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