Back to the normal life

This past weekend was pretty hectic. I had my rummage sale which took a lot of time just getting it ready. I am thinking I may never have another one again! It was nice to have Tony home with us though. We got to have some family time and he was my helper with the signs and heavy items. He’s a trooper.

On Saturday I had only 7 customers and three actually buy! Sad I know, I learned the hard way I have to put it in the newspaper! All in all I had only made about twenty five dollars. We Ended up closing early and going to an antique shop and bought the cutest little bookshelf! Way cute and only 10 dollars! We watched a movie and relaxed the night away!

Sunday my sister, her husband and son came over to spend the day and help with the rummage sale! Only one customer and nothing bought! Sad I know but the day was spent with family so it turned out well. Then later that night we went to Tonys parents because his mom has been working a lot and hasn’t seen her babies!

Monday we went to Little Farmer. It’s an apple orchard that has animals and a play area. We ended up getting cider, muffins and caramel! Soo yummy! The only thing left today is the caramel! Definitely love fall for that reason!

Today came and I was really excited to just have the day to clean somewhat. I did laundry and the dishes which both needed to be done badly. Hoping to get a lot more done tomorrow! Excited the weather is suppose to be cooler. Oh yes how could I forget I busted out some fall decor!!


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