Crazy Busy Around Here

I haven’t written in awhile and need to start on this. Our computer is down, we have absolutely no idea what’s wrong with it. That’s just awesome! We don’t have money to get a new one if it can’t be fixed! It was working fine and now it doesn’t recognize the hard drive. Big issue I have with that is the pictures. If you have me added on my personal Facebook you will know I post a ton of pictures. Of my life my kids of everything. Well thank the Lord I did because who knows if we just lost 3 years worth of pictures. My children are only 3 and 11 months! Which means their entire lives!! I know! I almost cried. Which I still may If we really find out its broken broken.
Well anyways I had a little incident last week with our neighbors child. We have a breezeway or area that you come in the back door and there is about 5 stairs up and 5 stairs down. The 5 stairs up has a door to our kitchen. Last week I was in the living room changing Tenley when Lyla was running around and had said someone was here! I was like how would you know and I didn’t hear a door bell. Which we do have a door bell on our back door. I go into the kitchen and this little 8 year old girl is standing in our breezeway. She just walked into our house! Now as calmly as I could told her to never walk into my house again and to go home. My 3 year old doesn’t need to be playing with an 8 year old. Needless to say weird and I need to lock my doors when I am home.
This past weekend on Friday we had a rehearsal dinner for our two friends who were getting married on Saturday. Tony was an usher so they invited the wedding party and their wives/ girlfriends. We took the girls, everyone loved them. Had a good night. Then Saturday the girls were watched by Tony’s cousin Angie and his Aunt Pam. They took them last minute for me which was great! At about 7 that night they finished being watched at Tony’s sister Elãnas house! They had a lot of fun. Tony and I had gone to the wedding. We had a blast dancing and celebrating their big night. I do have to say that the grand march was excellent! Soo hilarious! They danced to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. Good memories!! The bride was beautiful in her dress! Overall, great time!



Early this week I didn’t feel the best on Monday. Tuesday and today I had done some cleaning and just getting back into the groove of normal life.


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