Playing at the Park

Saturday the girls and I went to our local park by the lake. Was pretty crowded but still had a wonderful time. They have during day hours a train the runs around the park. Very reasonable as well only 95 cents a person for a ride! Lyla wanted to go on the train 3 times! So we did. Tenley absolutely love it a lot. The carousel is pretty neat. It has lots of different animals to ride. Lyla chose the chicken to ride. She did so well holding on!

After being on the train and carousel we went on the swings. Lyla is learning to pump… Forward and back.. Forward and back! She’s slowly getting the hang of it! Tenley just laughs most of the time on the swing. She was pretty interested in the big kids swinging as well!









The only place they have sand now in most of the parks here in town are by the swings. So I had packed a shovel and container for lyla to play in the sand with while Tenley and I rested on a blanket. Tenley was pretty content just watching all the people. I do have to say I am a people watcher as well! Lyla is getting better going down the slides by herself. She gets a little worried going down all alone. Since having Tenley she has definitely become a lot more independent! I am so proud of my big little girl!

Tenley still only had one tooth! Hoping for more soon! Maybe because I hate these restless nights she is having lately! No sleep for mom makes for a very crabby mom!


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