Buy Sell Trade

On facebook there are these groups you can join that are called buy sell trade. It’s usually local that you want to find because it’s basically an online rummage sale. You go and pick up the item. Now you can sell almost anything on these sites. Baby clothes, furniture, toys, cars, pictures and TVs for example. I have gotten a lot of great deals on there. It’s pretty obsessive! You have to be quick with commenting to the person or you can lose out.
Lately, I have been actually selling some items on there. Such as clothes and home decor we just dont use anymore. Sometimes it’s a hassle and people say they want it and then don’t show up or try and talk you down in price real low. All in all it is a good way to sell items fast.
Today was our best purchase for an excellent price! We had gotten a hutch for 75.00!! I can’t believe we got it! I was so excited and now I just need to fill it with amazing pieces! Now I have a place I can display my glass items away from the children! Yes for awesome childs fingers can’t reach furniture!




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