I Really Need to Organize My Life

Things have been pretty crazy around here it feels like! I started a business in January and I have been so swamped with orders that I haven’t been on here in ages!! So sorry if you do try and check if I am on here! I have a facebook page so far for the business. No website just yet!! I feel like I can’t even do this one regularly! I make felt owls. They are so darn cute! Just saying! I am having a craft show on the 28th of this month and feel so very overwhelmed with it being my first! Whew, I hope I do well!!

Also, new in my life is I have considered homeschooling. I have really looked into many blogs and websites and I honestly think I can do it! I have started printing tons and when I say a ton of things- It means I dont even know where to put it all! Now I know I need a hole puncher and laminator!!

Back to wanting to organize my life.

Do you even see how my posts are just crazy!! One thing to another!!

Tony always reminds me, I am a sahm I dont have to do anything besides take care of our girls. Hes such an understanding man!

I want to start following a schedule, and really put a lot of planning into housework, the business and teaching. But, still have enough time to enjoy my kids and Tony. Yikes, motherhood can be exhausting!!

So first off I need to find a really good planner for meals!! Pinterest has been my absolute savior with recipes!! I have been able to make new foods every week. Some we keep and some we toss. I need a binder to keep in files such as recipes and grocery list.

Next, I need to have a binder for my business. I have started documenting all the items I need to buy. Its been really nice to have for when I go to the store to buy supplies and then I really know what I am spending each time. Whether I am making a profit or not. I also need to make a template for customer orders. I used to use a notebook but Lyla decided she would use it as her coloring book! So scratch that. I need a binder that is off limits to little hands!

Well, now I feel as if I am just blabbering on and on..  So back to pinterest to print off things! Hoping I can be back daily again!! Hope I can document my progress with the business!


3 thoughts on “I Really Need to Organize My Life

    • Thanks so much! I really hope so! I did print a ton of items out last night and got my recipes organized! Then I saw I had crockpot cheesecake and I am making that now. So organizing will wait!

      • oh you will have to share the crockpot cheesecake recipe on your blog. It sounds really interesting! Sounds like you are already getting on top of it!

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