My First Craft Show

Last month I had my first craft show! Which was pretty sad in the way of making money but I did learn a ton of great ideas. I only sold 4 owls. Out of the 4 were my two babies which were three dollars a piece. They were a hit with the little kids! Great to know! An awesome friend Angela came and bought a large owl from me, so she was my biggest buy. Sadly, I didn’t get many new likes on my Facebook page and not many new orders. All in all, it was a great learning experience and that’s what counts. My friend Keri went with me and she sells these absolutely adorable crocheted baby props and hats. Way cute! She didn’t do so hot either but we learned. Just keep repeating it and it will sounds better eventually. I will post pictures of my booth set up tomorrow!
Thinking of changing up my blog design up. Have lots of things to post since last month! I have to get to bed though, have lots to do tomorrow! My to do lost is way longer than I would like! Good night!


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