Crazy with Mad Men


So just recently when my absolute favorite shows ended The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey. Well, lets just say we had to find another great series with many and I mean many episodes. Tony and I really tend to get into a show and watch it quickly. We have mini marathons. Its quite exciting to say the least. Our new favorite is Mad Men. Oh do I have a few things I love about Mad Men. There is more to Mad Men that I am posting. Its just a few loves I have! No way am I critic or trying to capture all the details. Just a little love I have for it.

1. The 50-60s era is a love of mine. Vintage. I love all the decor and fashion. The dresses and suits are stunning. Also, the decor I love the vintage wallpaper. I so want that in my house.


2. Homemaker- I just love that the woman makes a home for her husband. That its very gender detailed. The men are the breadwinners and the women are the homemakers. Yes, a lot of this show has more of the man superior over the woman which is a huge part of the show. But, as a homemaker myself I just love how they show Betty Draper well kept.


3. The men are not bad to look at. Jon Hamm aka: Don Draper, Vincent Kartheiser aka: Pete Campbell Jay R. Ferguson aka: Stan Rizzo, and Matt Long aka: Joey Baird.

Don is definitely the main point in the show with the men. I love how in the show there are very sensitive moments for Don. Especially with his children. He loves his children more than anything and really does put attention on them. He is very work driven and definitely a womanizer but he is so good at it.


4. The women of Mad Men! Its so hard to pick a favorite because they all have a different side to them.

January Jones aka: Betty Draper Dons second wife plays the perfect 50s homemaker. She is definitely twisted in the head and has a few issues. Her fashion in the show is perfect well until you get into a few seasons (you will know if you have made it far enough). I fell in love with her in the beginning and started to hate her in the middle and then started to like her again. She has that effect in the show. She can pull you in.

"Mad Men's" January Jones.

Elisabeth Moss aka: Peggy Olson does a great job playing her part as being as close as equal as you can get to the men. She holds her own. Shes brave and takes chances. She doesnt use being a woman stop her from where she wants to be! Her outfits are what I feel to be the main clothing attire of most women in the 50s. I was really in love with how she was a lot of women can relate to her I think in how she has to fight to get what she wants. But then I hated her for a certain part. I was disgusted. Then, I liked her again. Her relationship with Don is amazing. It grows as the seasons go on.


Christina Hendricks aka: Joan Holloway/Harris is definitely the woman who uses her womanly figure as a way to get ahead. She also is very smart and knows how to work men. It is great to see her work her magic. She gets her heart broken but is strong and moves on. I really enjoy her sassiness and spitfire attitude. Shes a bombshell for sure. Woman love her just as much as the men.


Jessica Paré aka: Megan Draper is the young third wife of Don. She definitely is pretty and well dressed but, doesnt have that motherly love that she needs. I like her as a character just not as Dons wife. She does well playing the part she has.


Last but not least!!

Melinda Page Hamilton aka: Anna Draper Dons first wife. The love that they had for each other. I absolutely loved that he respected her and really cared for her. I am not going to spoil if you have never seen this but oh how I wish things would of turned out differently.


If you have a chance check it out. Its on Netflix. All but the last season which is playing now. I havent seen that episode yet which I am anxiously waiting for it to come on Netflix.

Whos your favorite?


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