1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Since we have been having such nice weather I have walked the girls to the library. We live so close that its only about 2 blocks away. Very convienent for us. We love reading. Lots and lots of reading. The girls like the kids area in our town library. They have different days for story time and activities for the little ones! Its such a wonderful way to get out of the house! Which we need often because the girls get way stir crazy!! I sometimes feel like I am living in the jungle with two monkeys not two sweet girls!

They have a program for children that are not in Kindergarten yet. Its called 1,000 books before Kindergarten. It’s free and way easy to participate. All you have to do is record every book you read. When you first sign up you get the first sheet with books 1-100. You can log a book as many times as you read it. So, if your child likes Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney and you read it 5 times a day you can log it 5 times. Great program and keeps me going there to get more books! We usually go once a week if not more. When we go we rent about 20-30 books. Within 2 days we can read them all. I am trying to not log the same book twice and tell Lyla we shouldnt read the same book twice. Its been interesting. We have a lot of work to do for sure. We are close to 100 so soon we will be getting our second sheet of 101-200!

I do have to admit I have enjoyed the books as well. I randomly pick books out. All different titles. Mainly all picture books, some with few words and some with many. Some titles we have enjoyed are: Llama Llama series, Round Like A Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst, Black Meets White by Justine Fonte and Eric Carle series.

Recently, Lyla was interested in books about God. I was very happy to know she wanted to read about God and the wonderful things he does! I searched online for the best books to start that are understanding to a four year old. I picked up Children of God Storybook Bible Retold by Desmond Tutu. Wonderful book to start off with a younger child. It goes from the start of the bible- Genesis thru Revelation. I love how it breaks it down and really gives the small details but in a childs understanding. We have only gotten to Jeremiah 1,18. At the end of each there is a prayer. This one fits so well: “Dear God, thank you for giving purpose to everyone’s life, including mine.” Each night we read a new one and we pray. Its a wonderful addition to our bedtime routine. Lyla is very excited to hear about baby Jesus!

I also picked up Animals of the Bible for Young Children by Marie-Helene Deval. Lyla absolutely loves animals and this was perfect. We split the book into two nights and it was neat because she really was interested how each animal was related to something in the bible. These are two wonderful books if you are looking to introduce faith to a younger child. I am glad I went this route before starting any kind of classes. She now has a great start of how everything started. Why God is important to everyone including her. She is special and one of God’s children.

Check them out!! I highly recommend them.



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