Our Little Porch

We currently rent a 3 bedroom side by side. Its not exactly perfect but it works for now until we can afford to buy a house! Cross your fingers for next year! This house really doesnt have a yard which does not exactly work well with two children. Kind of makes you go crazy staying inside all the time. I try to take walks on warmer days and get to the library since there us not a nearby park. We have a porch that is connected to Tenley’s room. We usually go out before lunch if its warm and after lunch as well for awhile. The main problem with the area is that there is no shade. I use an old sheet and drape it across the laundry lines up there so it covers most of the area. Also the metal fence part is rusted which scares me with the girls. Besides that its a great spot to let them run wild. A container full of water, chalk and a scooter keeps them busy usually. Here are some snapshots I got of the girls.

Lyla Riding Scooter


Tenley Exploring


Lyla Pinwheel


Both Girls


Look at That





One thought on “Our Little Porch

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