Random Act of Kindness

How many of you have your air conditioning running yet?

Last year, we had ours on way before this because of the crazy heat wave we got in March. This year it has taken some time to warm up and I can officially say the heat is here! Almost too hot! I don’t do well with heat. Ever since having kids my body is always warm. I prefer high 50s. We still have not put our air conditioner in the downstairs. We rent and have window air conditioners. I am pretty proud of us for not giving in, the instant it has gotten hot. Especially, since Tony works in the heat all day! I don’t know how he does it! I definitely could not do it! It has been in the 80s lately close to 90 degrees.

I give props to those who work in horrible climates- winter cold and summer heat. Yikes!

To help out I think I would like the girls and I to do a little random act of kindness to our mail carrier.
I was hoping to maybe have the girls make cute little thank yous to tie around water bottles.
In winter, I want to make little felt envelope hand warmers.
Wondering if anyone else has ever made or given an item to their mail carrier?


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