Homeschooling Is Not For The Weak

This last month I have been starting to gather printables and information to teach preschool to my four-year old daughter. I do have to say- There is just so much!! Where do you even start? Since, she is just in preschool this year I am not pushing her with a full curriculum. So far, I am starting with the alphabet, numbers 1-30, shapes, colors, opposites, and basic concepts (least, last, top, right.

I have been on Pinterest pinning like a crazy person feeling like I need to pin thousands of printables. I need it all! Every minute of the day I am going over school stuff in my head!! It’s constant! Anyone else become obsessed!? I am only doing preschool! There is a mess all over our computer desk of scrap paper with tons of scribbles of information I don’t want to forget and websites to go back to.

I have found a few for sure websites that I will be using their free printables! There are so many generous people out there that have basically done most of the work! I am so thankful to them!! You are truly going to make homeschooling my daughter a very smooth ride.

Here are some of my top 5 websites:

They are not in order of favorite they all equally have some great aspects!! Definitely, go check them out if you have a chance there is incredible amounts of information. They also all have freebies to print!

Hopefully, I will be able to get a set schedule for the school year. I am planning starting September 1st- June 30th. I am hoping to have fun activities to keep the learning light and fun. Crafts and songs. All together a letter and number a week. Once I get all the themes I have chosen for the weeks I will post a list. I have gotten so many great ideas!! It’s all just needing to get organized! So excited!! Wish me luck!! If you are a fellow homeschooling parent, do you have any great tips or tricks or websites you depend on?! Or maybe you have your own website that you would like me to visit let me know!! I would love to meet other parents that are along for the ride!!


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