Garage Sale- Why Would Anyone Want To Sell Their Garage?

I know the title is like what?! Tony always says this when we go rummaging. Whenever we see a garage sale sign he always says it! I seriously need to record it because it makes me laugh every time! (one of the reason why I love him!)

Today, we went to Oakfield a nearby town that was having their town rummage. There were a few I spotted in the newspaper: Retired Teacher! Well, duh!!! Who doesn’t want to go to that when you are going to be starting to homeschool!! Rummage sale prices are always better than new! Then, I also saw an ad for antiques, crocks and tools! My kind of rummage sale. Now usually when we go to one of these the sellers have the items priced too high! Like crazy high! No way am I spending almost new prices on used items. It was definitely a winner this one!! They lived on a large lot with tons of buildings and had a building full. It didn’t look big from the outside when we walked in it was full. They also told us they were going to open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for the rest of the summer! Best yet they said they add new items every week!! Amazing!! Next time for sure we will see if we can go without the girls so I can get a better look around!

At the retired teacher sale I found a few books that were resource books for math. She had taken pictures of her class room and how she used the games and lessons!! I got that for 75 cents!! Cents!! They also had some tangrams!! I was so excited!! They also had the Game of the States for 10 cents!! Cents again people!! So happy!! I seriously made out!! We are going to be so set for learning this September!

The best find for me was my $1.00 Blue Ball Jar! It wasnt the cleanest and no lid but it still fits my decor perfectly! For one dollar I couldn’t go wrong!! Definitely, hoping that they put a new blue ball jar out every week for the rest of the summer! It’s worth it to me to check it out for items that are priced at one dollar!



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