Understanding the Babbling

Last July we had someone from our local birth to three program come to evaluate Ten on her speech and motor skills. We were to wait a month and see if there was any improvement. Well, we saw an improvement and decided not to go further in the program. It is now 8 months later and we had her checked out again.
The appointment went well and I feel we are really going to see an improvement with Ten’s speech. Today, we mainly discussed what we see in her speech daily and how many words she speaks and how she communicates her needs. The teacher that was assigned to us was absolutely phenomenal. Ten warmed up to her right away. The next appointment will be in two weeks which the speech therapist will come with the teacher. They will assess her and hopefully then we will find out if she is accepted for the program.
Super thankful for this wonderful program.

5 thoughts on “Understanding the Babbling

    • No it’s okay! She was only 21 months when we first had her evaluated just to see where she ranged on the scale. We then decided she was okay at the time and just watched her. Well, christmas passed and she hadn’t really progressed as much as I would of liked to see so I scheduled another appt. I had worries only because she doesn’t really name her body parts, says less than 10-12 words and not really any 2-3 word sentences. She’s 30 months now. We try to get her to say animal noises and point to people in pictures but she doesn’t. Her motor skills are fine but she is a little slow with fine motor and speech. I am hoping we can see improvement with her communication. It’s frustrating for her because we don’t know what she wants. Also, it’s hard for us because she doesn’t listen well with directions and I know it’s because she doesn’t understand.

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