All About Me

Hello! I am Roxanne aka: Rocky or Roxy

Roxanne Stokkers Wiscomom

Wiscomom is a little bit of everything. My adventures with being a stay at home homeschooling mom, a small business creator and crafts I love to make. The color teal and owls are my obsession. I love creating new things either for Lyten Love (my small business) or just for person love of crafting. Organizing is also a top love.


John Deere Large

4th page postcard mini

I live in Wisconsin with my two beautiful daughters and their wonderful father Tony. We have been together since April 22, 2006. Its been the best years of my life. He is the most supportive loving man. Currently, we rent a little three bedroom townhouse in hopes we will be able to purchase our first home in the next few years. Tony works at an Asphalt company while I stay home with our two daughters Lyla and Tenley.

Hernandez Family




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