Creating a New Project

I have been so busy prepping for school that I haven’t been on here much! We are starting September 2nd with the other kids here in our town. It also gives me time to be prepared! Excited to take daily pictures and post weekly of what we had worked on that week! So get ready for preschool overload soon! To hold you off of the excitement many of you know I have a little mini (yes I know I said “small” with two different words in the same sentence) business! LyTen Love! Currently, I have been pretty busy with homeschool that I haven’t been creating much or marketing my business to get business. I have a few items to make for people in a few weeks but mostly been away for awhile. I had just recently finished a new and exciting little creation I would love to share with you! By no means is he perfect but he is oh so cute!


Isn’t he just darling?! He’s for a family member who’s having a sweet little boy! So excited hopefully they love it! Well, I do have plans- yes I always have so many plans- to open my etsy shop! I have many owls made already and now I just need to create a few elephants and foxes and I think I will have enough to open! Wouldn’t that be fabulous!? I think so!!

So here’s to the last weekend before pre-k homeschool marathon, watching another child and opening and running an etsy shop! Please say a prayer or two for strength and encouragement! God knows what’s best for me and I really believe he will lead me the right way! His plan always over rules my plans! I trust him! Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!! Enjoy!

LyTen Love

I just started my own little business making felt owls. In January, I just opened a Facebook page to start getting some customers that weren’t family. Its just a small start, I will hopefully this summer be starting an Etsy shop. I am pretty excited to join that community of incredible artists. I have started following a few awesome people on Instagram, facebook and etsy. Over the past few months I have gotten some great tips and tricks to starting on Etsy. Mostly that your pictures are what need to be perfect! I am nervous with getting amazing pictures of my products and maybe that is why I started with Facebook because I am pretty good at that so far! Well, until they change things which is about every week.

Here is a little preview of owls I have made for customers so far!

John Deere Large

girl large

gender neutral large

livingroom pillow larges




Mothers Day Craft Show


Starting out I will talk about my mini business I started! This has been a dream of mine for a long time. To create something and have people fall in love with my product. It has taken too long for me to actually step forward and just do it!! I need to start taking chances!! Well, anyways I love owls. I love them for decor, clothes, animals, kids, everything. Owl my house and I am complete. Kind of. So, I started cutting out my own template and took the leap!! I made a felt owl!! Turned out super cute! I will have to find the picture of the one I sent to an Instagram friend who is in love with owls as well! January of this year I had made a page on facebook to promote my owls. I was amazed with how well everyone took to sharing my owls and wanting to request custom orders!! Was going soo great!! I felt so blessed!

On April 28th of this year I attended my first craft show. LytenLove was becoming real! Definitely a newbie in this whole process. I felt so prepared in February when I signed up but as the month passed by I started to get nervous. I searched online and pinterest to find great ideas of how it all worked and to be prepared. I found some great check lists on what to have there with me. It was a great tool for those first starting out.

I signed up on vistaprint and got 500 business cards for just 7.00 I was impressed with the quality and how quickly they got delivered!! It was the first step to feeling “official”. I had signed up for the show with another newbie – Happy Butterfly Designs by Keri. She has a website on facebook check her items out!! She creates these adorable crocheted baby props, hats and decor. Also, she can customize to how you would like and sizes!! It was so great to have her with me that day!! I was completely nervous! I did end up having enough product which I was scared I wouldnt. I only did have about 35 items!! Yikes!! Probably a good start but definitely not enough for the avid craft fair goer! I also made my own banner out of felt of course! Printed my own price tags off this great website called! It was such a last minute thought and it was so helpful!! I snagged a cute yellow stool off the buy sell trade groups off of facebook. Total steal for 3.00!

The day of the show I only made 45 dollars. Which the show costed 23 dollars so really I only made nothing. I put that into cost of items to make and also the items used for the show. It was a great way to learn the not tos, the to dos and the that’s an awesome idea!

Here is my booth!
(sorry some are blurry- we didnt bring the nice camera which is an item I will be bringing next time- all pictures were taken with phones)






Happy Butterfly Designs by Keri Booth



My First Craft Show

Last month I had my first craft show! Which was pretty sad in the way of making money but I did learn a ton of great ideas. I only sold 4 owls. Out of the 4 were my two babies which were three dollars a piece. They were a hit with the little kids! Great to know! An awesome friend Angela came and bought a large owl from me, so she was my biggest buy. Sadly, I didn’t get many new likes on my Facebook page and not many new orders. All in all, it was a great learning experience and that’s what counts. My friend Keri went with me and she sells these absolutely adorable crocheted baby props and hats. Way cute! She didn’t do so hot either but we learned. Just keep repeating it and it will sounds better eventually. I will post pictures of my booth set up tomorrow!
Thinking of changing up my blog design up. Have lots of things to post since last month! I have to get to bed though, have lots to do tomorrow! My to do lost is way longer than I would like! Good night!