Day 11 Photo a Day May

First photo a day list is kitchen. Since I rent the place we live at now I found a dream kitchen! One day I would love white and teal to be the main colors for my kitchen. I would like glad doors on some of the cabinets to display beautiful bowls. Also, a large pantry! Well here is an idea of what I want in my dream kitchen.


The second picture is of moonlight. Here is a picture of the moon from my couch! Not a very good picture but it works!



Day 10 Photo a Day May

Seriously I am obsessed with the word “Amazing!” I probably over use it and usually it’s for the small things. Sometimes I swear I am like a child in a candy store because I say really loud thats amazing, people are amazing, love and all different sorts are amazing.

Well pretty much I’d have to say my life is Amazing!!


The second picture is my happiest memory. I can’t really pick just one. I am not sure how any one could do that. I have had so many. So I took three really easy favorites! The top of the list three! The first one is of course meeting Tony. He’s changed my life and really has been a blessing to me. The second is of course finding out I was pregnant with my first daughter Lyla! She’s 3 now and is completely amazing. The third one is last but not least my darling Tenley. When I found out I was pregnant with her it was so incredible. These three moments in my life are memories I’ll never forget! They will never become a distant memory. They will always be in my top list.


Day 9 Photo a Day May

Something I do everyday is one picture I needed to take today. One thing I do is kiss my children. Not usually once but, a lot of times during the day. I know this is one way to show them my love. I hope that everyday that when I kiss them they know that I love them.


The second picture is of work. I work at home. I am a stay at home mom. One of the best jobs in the world. I am blessed to have this opportunity.


Day 8 Photo a Day May

On May 8th, I am taking pictures of no socks and a smell you adore. Well first off I hate feet besides baby and toddler feet. They are the cutest. They are so squishy and lovable. Here are my daughters laying around together! Their tootsies are bare: no socks!


The second picture is of a smell you adore. Well absolutely love the smell of baby. Weird I know! But only newborns have this smell. It lasts only about a month or two at most! Usually after their first bath. It’s a smell I cannot describe because only they have it. Well here ya go, Tenley after her first bath in the hospital.


Day 7 Photo a Day May

Day seven’s pictures are of people I love dearly. The first picture is of my Grandma Fraser. She was one amazing woman. She recently passed away and her love has been carried on. She’s my role model. She’s one woman I truly feel inspired by! She had so much love and compassion in her life.


The second picture is of a man who I love. He’s been my support and love since day one. I absolutely love this picture because it shows the happiness and love we share. Days may be rough and thru it all we find time to love one another. This picture is love!


Day 6 Photo a Day May

Day 6 is of course a nature picture. Well, it was raining and icky out and there was no way I was going outside to get a picture. So here is a picture of Lake Winnebago. It was during winter when there was ice on the lake still. Tony actually took the picture of the sunset! Beautiful!


The second picture I am suppose to take is me. Not such a great day to take a picture but here ya go.


Day 5 Photo a Day May

Today is day 5 of photo a day May! I can’t believe I’m still going! I’m proud of myself! Today we’re pretty easy pictures to take!

Lyla is completely obsessed with this little green bird. She is too cute holding it and she takes care of it!


The second picture of photo a day May is of something I cant live without. Well, I really don’t know what I would do without my family. Tony is my amazing support, Lyla is my sweet talker, and Tenley is my smiley baby. These three people are the most important to me.