Forever and A Day

Tony and I have currently been dating 7 years and almost 3 months (3 days away).

Roxanne Phone 081

I am so blessed to have him. He is so wonderful. Not only does he work hard all day, he comes home with a smile on his face and always shows me love. He is so sweet with our girls, they absolutely adore him to pieces! So do I!

This has been the craziest journey I have been on in my life and I have to say I wouldn’t change a thing. Him right by my side. I will tell you some days are a struggle and we really have to work. But isn’t that what a relationship is? Working together. It isn’t just a piece of cake! You do have to make an effort. Within our seven years there has been plenty of ups and downs but he makes things so much better. When I am in a bad mood there are times where he loves to push buttons but I know he loves me so much. He is incredible and really I don’t deserve the love he gives me! I am truly blessed.

Love you forever and a day!
Best years of my life- I cant wait to grow old with you!

Afraid of Failure

Tonight, Tony was gone at work and the girls are in bed so I had time to work on the computer. I am searching and searching for homeschool printables for Lyla. She is 4 years old and I am wanting to teach her at home Pre-K.

I am sort of nervous… what am I saying? I am very nervous that I won’t do a good job. I really need to start searching for some support and local homeschool groups. Starting off, trying to figure out all about homeschool, getting the right curriculum, there is so much information. I just feel so lost.

There are so many people that don’t really feel homeschooling is the best for children. I don’t find the public school system in my area is really best for my girls. I am no way near a genius but I do feel competent enough to teach them. Many people have told me I will do a great job and don’t worry but that is all I can think of. What if? What happens if she isn’t progressing like the other children that are attending public school? I hear so many people say unschool? Some say its going to be so stressful with two kids. I know many parents that homeschool 4-10 kids. Others can do it, why can’t I?  I really need to believe in myself. Some days I wish I just had better confidence in myself.

I just need to leave it to God that it will all fall together.

He knows what is best for my family.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. -Proverbs 3:5-6

Homemaker Binder

Lately, I have browsing Pinterest and have been obsessing with organization. I started searching house binder, homemaking binder, and home management binder and found tons of great sites with lots of free printables. I have been wanting to get a better schedule for myself and get organized with my cleaning. Some days I get a little off track and I am hoping this will help!

On Monday is July 1st. I am hoping by July 31st I will have a completed binder!! Giving myself 30 days is plenty of time to gather ideas, print off sheets and get a binder all organized. I am obsessed with lists and Tony always tells me whats the point of a list if I don’t ever use them. Well, this is hopefully a way I can keep my lists together and actually cross a ton off!!

I have a few main categories I want to have in the binder and then I will be doing subcategories.


Mission statement- I found this on

here is a link about why mothers need a mission statement.

Prayers and Daily Devotions- (monthly prayer lists for Tony and the kids)

To Do List- (daily, weekly, monthly)

Calendar- (weekly, monthly)

Cleaning- (morning routine, night-time routine, daily, weekly, monthly)

Kids Routines- (morning, night-time, weekly)

Sitting- This is for the children I am watching (child information, schedule, parent information, emergency information)

Menu- (meal planning, favorite recipes, grocery lists)

Bills- (due date, what is paid, payment plans)

Extras- (birthday lists, important numbers)

I will probably be adding as I go by and think of more items. Starting tomorrow I will be making my deep cleaning list and breaking down what I would like to do daily on what day that works for our family. I am pretty excited to get it started! I will post all the links I find the great printables as well. I am probably going to have to make a few myself just to fit it to our family but in the end I hope it works great for us!!

Do you have a homemaking binder? I would love to see if you have posted! When I finish mine I will be doing a post of it!

My Golden Birthday

So it’s about 3 and half months away from my golden birthday! September I will be turning 27! Yikes. I know most are like yeah you’re still young and have lots of time. I know I probably do but then I sit here and think of how fast it has been since Lyla was born. That was 4 years ago!! I still can’t believe it! I don’t understand how quickly it can pass. I remember when time seemed soo slow when I was in high school and younger. I felt like the school year would never end. I guess time passes by when you’re having fun. I must be having the time of my life because I swear just yesterday I was 20. I have a lot of amazing things that have happened. Two of my biggest accomplishments are my two beautiful girls. I wouldn’t change a thing. They are the best. I feel most days they make me feel young, but at the same time old. Tony and I have been together for 7 years which is pretty incredible. Crazy to think about!!

I was reading a great blog about how she just turned 29 and she wanted to do 30 things before she turned 30.
Here is a link to the post! Check it out!

I got so inspired. Made me want to make a list as well. Except, I will be doing 30 things before I am thirty and I will have 3 years instead of just one year. I want to give myself good time for a few things and this is the perfect way to go about it. Yeah there are many things I want to do before I die but there are some short-term goals I would like to have done!

These are not in order of what I want to do. It’s just a list of what I want to do! I will probably randomly cross things off the next three years.

1. Buy a house

2. Get a tattoo

3. Finish the girls baby scrapbooks

4. Join a gym

5. Get married to Tony

6. Have a garden and eat from it

7. Take more family pictures. Hoping every 6 months!

8. Sew a dress

9. Go to Ikea in Chicago

10. Run three miles straight

11. Open my Etsy Shop

12. Swim in the ocean

13. Read the entire Bible

14. Get a dog

15. Say yes to everything for one entire day. (don’t tell anyone of course what day)

16. Go to church at least 20 times

17. Go to a midnight premiere

18. Keep up with my blog

19. Have a kid free weekend with Tony at a hotel out-of-town

20. Learn sign language and teach the girls

21. Bake a 3 layer cake

22. Limit my time on social media (Facebook, twitter, internet, blogs, pinterest, and instagram)

23. Spend more family time together, make memories the girls will remember

24. Ride my bike with the girls in the trailer often

25. Be successful with my business

26. Visit family more- mom and dad, grandparents, sister and brothers

27. Finish all the laundry- don’t have any dirty clothes besides the ones on us
(this one might be the hardest one haha)

28. Finish more projects

29. Read 200 books

30. Print out most of the pictures I have taken and at least put them in albums

Hopefully I can accomplish most if not all of these!! I would love to cross all the them off!! I am pretty excited to start a few of these! I feel like if I can see them I will do them!! It will be a constant reminder hey get on track!! Don’t slack!! Wish me good luck!! Here’s to crossing things off my list!

What do you want to do? What is your bucketlist?

Camping With Kids

This summer we have decided to try to test out our pop-up camper. I am very excited to take the girls in the camper I grew up going camping in. I have been planning and prepping for a few weeks so we are ready to go when daddy has off work! We are going to go to a close state park so in case we have to come back home we haven’t spent a ton and also are too far from home. I am crossing my fingers that all goes smooth. I have started making some lists of what to pack with us. Just the girls alone need a ton of items. I will separating each area with its own large container. Mainly, kitchen, cleaning and miscellaneous, first aid and hygiene, kids activity bin, bedding, and each person will get their own personal bag or container.

Kitchen Container
Measuring cups
Frying pans
Mixing bowl
Paper towels
Egg holder
Plastic wrap
Plastic baggies
Aluminum foil
Serving spoons
Can opener
Marshmallow sticks
Water bottles
Water jug
Dish drain
Mini grill
Camp kitchen
Camp stove
Kids cups
Kids utensils
Kids plates
High chair

Cleaning and miscellaneous Container
Dust pan
Garbage bags
Wash cloths
Dish towels
Bath towels
Clothes pins
Laundry line
Flash lights
Camper table
Table cloth
Table cloth clips
Duct tape
Kids chairs

Bedding Container

Kids Activity Container
Sand toys
Tablet or Ipad(put into vehicle bag)
Charger for tablet or Ipad (put into vehicle bag)
Bug catchers
Pool noodles
Tub for water
Scavenger hunt list
Paper bags
Glow sticks

First Aid / Hygiene Container
(may put first aid items into a tackle box then put that into container with other hygiene items)
Body wash
Toilet paper
Hair comb
Detangling spray
Burn cream
Band aids
Alcohol wipes
Baby powder
Butt cream
Antibiotic cream
Aloe gel
Butterfly band aids
Athletic tape
Insect bite cream
Contact solution
Contact case
Hydrocortisone cream
Cloth tape
Cold Compress
Roller bandage
Gauze pads
Oral thermometer
Anti-diarrhea medication
Children’s Tylenol
Children’s Pepto

Personal Container
Tank tops
Underwear/ undergarments
Long sleeve shirts
Bathing suit
Baseball cap
Beach shoes
Tennis shoes
Beach bag

Items to Take into the Vehicle on the Way
Cellphone charger
Camera Charger
Cash and Credit cards
Registration info for the camp site
Camping binder
Ipad/tablet charger
snacks and drinks

Other Items to Take for the Kids
Pack N Play
Favorite sleeping item

Printable list:

Our Camper


Sleeping area

Smiling for the camera!

Counter space

Being silly with daddy!

Tenley loved sweeping the floor!

Lyla loves being in the camper!

Staying Home and Being a Homemaker

A year ago I was blessed to be able to quit my job and stay home with my two girls. Tony works at an asphalt company mainly from April through November. During the off-season he does snow plowing for the company. At the time I quit, Tenley was just 5 months old. I had a very rough pregnancy with her and ended up missing lots of work. I don’t regret missing any of the days because it was better for her health and my own. I was also commuting 45 minutes to get to work and 45 minutes back. It was horrible, not including the late shifts I was given.

We ended up going over our finances and figured out that once he went back to work in April a month away, my paycheck was going to a babysitter and gas. Is that really how I wanted my kids growing up?! The babysitter taking care of them when my paycheck wasnt providing anything besides paying them.

The next day I put my two weeks in. Best decision ever!!

Some days I will admit are a huge struggle for me. It can get very hectic around here. You feel sometimes alone and that you’re missing a lot.

Even though some days are insane you really are gaining so much. It’s truly a blessing. Remember your children will grow in ways you never thought possible.

I am not the perfect homemaker. Some days have been lazy days, dishes piled up and laundry got out of hand. There were days I took advantage of being home. I will admit it, I am in no way perfect. My house is no where near spotless and my kids are not on the best schedule. When Tony was off it was a little slacking which I regret now trying to get things back into order.

Taken with my iphone- sorry grainy picture. You definitely get the point though!
Real Life

Real Life Mess

My house isnt always this messy I promise!

I want to strive to be a better homemaker and take care of the duties of the home. Tony works so hard to make sure I can stay home to raise our girls that I want to make sure he is satisfied with what I have done for the day. Dont get me wrong, I do want to do it mainly for me but its nice to have him smile and feel relaxed coming home to a clean home. Not every day is there dinner on the table or all toys picked up but I am getting better. Tony always tells me that he doesnt care how the house is but it is a more relaxed situation when he isn’t worrying about housework. Keeping on a schedule is hard for me. I am definitely a procrastinator but I am hoping to get a cleaning schedule down. I will do a separate post about it. Hoping it helps me with daily cleaning and keeping schedules.

I believe this was what I was called to do. Tony does a wonderful job of taking care of us and being the head of the household. I want to be a great teammate and happily do my job. Taking care of the house and children. I am so blessed in so many ways.

This job has been given to me do. Therefore, it is a gift. Therefore, it s a privilege. Therefore, it is an offering I may make to God. Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. Here, not somewhere else, I may learn God’s way. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfullness.
-Elisabeth Elliot

Here is a link to print off the quote above:

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me

Roxanne Stokkers Wiscomom

1. I love brussel sprouts- they are absolutely delicious! Probably my favorite vegetable.
2. I hate my bones touched. Yes, I know so weird right?! Well, its really gross to me and it will actually make me feel sick to my stomach. Like elbows, ankles, wrists, ribs, and especially collar bones!
3. I love all kinds of music. Country and Christian are my two favorites at the moment.
4. I am only 4’10”! On occasion I can ride all the rides I swear!! My girls will hopefully pass me up!! Though daddy is only about 5’9″
5. Penguins are my true love especially for Christmas time but my love of owls have taken over my house! Soon I will have to count my collection!
6. I am trying to live by His word. To find God and live within his grace.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:9

7. I have been a stay at home mom since April 2012. Best decision ever!
8. I love creating items: handsewing, painting, scrapbooking, projectlife, and diy furniture.
9. I am a procrastinator which I hate. Trying to be much better. I tend to move from project to project. That’s why my house never looks clean when I have been cleaning all day!! I go from one thing to another too often rather than sticking to one room and finishing.
10. Tony and I met online and decided to meet and just look at us now!! Two lovebirds with two little birdies by our side!

Hernandez Family

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Since we have been having such nice weather I have walked the girls to the library. We live so close that its only about 2 blocks away. Very convienent for us. We love reading. Lots and lots of reading. The girls like the kids area in our town library. They have different days for story time and activities for the little ones! Its such a wonderful way to get out of the house! Which we need often because the girls get way stir crazy!! I sometimes feel like I am living in the jungle with two monkeys not two sweet girls!

They have a program for children that are not in Kindergarten yet. Its called 1,000 books before Kindergarten. It’s free and way easy to participate. All you have to do is record every book you read. When you first sign up you get the first sheet with books 1-100. You can log a book as many times as you read it. So, if your child likes Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney and you read it 5 times a day you can log it 5 times. Great program and keeps me going there to get more books! We usually go once a week if not more. When we go we rent about 20-30 books. Within 2 days we can read them all. I am trying to not log the same book twice and tell Lyla we shouldnt read the same book twice. Its been interesting. We have a lot of work to do for sure. We are close to 100 so soon we will be getting our second sheet of 101-200!

I do have to admit I have enjoyed the books as well. I randomly pick books out. All different titles. Mainly all picture books, some with few words and some with many. Some titles we have enjoyed are: Llama Llama series, Round Like A Ball by Lisa Campbell Ernst, Black Meets White by Justine Fonte and Eric Carle series.

Recently, Lyla was interested in books about God. I was very happy to know she wanted to read about God and the wonderful things he does! I searched online for the best books to start that are understanding to a four year old. I picked up Children of God Storybook Bible Retold by Desmond Tutu. Wonderful book to start off with a younger child. It goes from the start of the bible- Genesis thru Revelation. I love how it breaks it down and really gives the small details but in a childs understanding. We have only gotten to Jeremiah 1,18. At the end of each there is a prayer. This one fits so well: “Dear God, thank you for giving purpose to everyone’s life, including mine.” Each night we read a new one and we pray. Its a wonderful addition to our bedtime routine. Lyla is very excited to hear about baby Jesus!

I also picked up Animals of the Bible for Young Children by Marie-Helene Deval. Lyla absolutely loves animals and this was perfect. We split the book into two nights and it was neat because she really was interested how each animal was related to something in the bible. These are two wonderful books if you are looking to introduce faith to a younger child. I am glad I went this route before starting any kind of classes. She now has a great start of how everything started. Why God is important to everyone including her. She is special and one of God’s children.

Check them out!! I highly recommend them.