Struggling Week

Honestly, I have to say being a stay at home mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I really love being home and able to experience all the milestones. Somedays, like this week- well have been somewhat of a struggle. My brain hurts, I’m tired and feel very overwhelmed. I know many moms who seem to not have this issue and many of my friends probably don’t realize I struggle as often as I do. I have had a few friends say they wish they did crafts and such with their kids like I do. Well let’s be honest: sometimes I don’t. I don’t feel guilty either. Some days are just let’s watch tv all day and do nothing. Not even get out of our pjs. Yes, pjs are a regular attire in this household. Lately, I have been so blah with laundry well I don’t want to add the enormous pile I already have! My house is a disaster and I keep telling myself tomorrow let’s get some energy and then well it doesn’t happen. Here we are a week later, dishes aren’t fully done, laundry is pulling up, tv has been on constantly, my leggings are apart of me and naps are everyday.

The girls have been testing my patience and each other’s. It’s very hard some days they constantly fight. About who got what, she took my toy, I want to sit there. I would rather relax and just let them know they have to figure it out before I get up and start to separate them. Not sure if it’s the best idea but hopefully they learn that being nice to each other the day goes by much smoother!

Well, now I have rambled on. Let’s just say I am right there with you. You are not alone! Motherhood is hard. It is rough and sown times I think brings out the worst in some. I wouldn’t change it for the world. They make my life complete.

Though I do wish I could afford a cleaning lady! Just saying!


Hey New Year! I’m Still Catching Up

It’s been about two months since I have blogged. Christmas came and went as well as the New Year! Here’s a little catch up for you!

Our elf Pixie stopped in after Thanksgiving. She was such a hit this year! Definitely will be back next year!

The girls went with Tony’s parents to cut down a tree! We still didn’t have snow.

Tenley started a new smile! What a cutie! She loves glasses!


Lyla decorated her own christmas tree in her room. It will be a new tradition each year. Both girls will get their own tree in their rooms to decorate however they would like. She was so proud of her tree. I absolutely loved it!!

Since Tenley liked to break the ornaments and pull them off and not put them on. I decided I would still do the little tree but I would decorate it for her a little. Next year, she will decorate her own! She loved having it in her room. Every morning she would point at it and laugh and smile!

My sisters and my brothers girl friend Michelle went to my moms house and did baking! After a few hours we had a tub full for each family! Great tradition! Love spending time with family!

We have a local park that does a light show for free every December. We took the girls again this year and it was a total hit! It’s definitely worth going to see it at least once!

Lyla made her own christmas list to Santa this year! She was in heaven cutting and gluing! It’s her favorite I think! I just love her hand writing! She is getting really good at writing the letters without seeing them!

Baby Santa

The girls spent the night at my parents house and Pixie out elf went to grandmas house too!! Lyla was so surprised!! My mom was so creative with how she had Pixie the next morning! I can’t thank her enough for helping keep the spirit alive for our girls!

Tony got me a christmas gift! Origami owl jewelry. It’s a locket with two girl charms with October and march birthstones and also a march birthstone heart for him. I picked it all out! I absolutely love it!!

Christmas Eve came and we did pjs and hot chocolate after spending the afternoon at Tony’s parents! We got so many great items! It was so nice seeing everyone as well! Christmas Day we went to my parents house after we did our family opening. All the cousins were there and the kids had a ton of fun! It was nice to spend the day with family. We all got great items there as well! We were spoiled!


My nephew Jordan came to stay with us for 5 days! Lyla was in heaven! She didn’t leave his side the instant he got to our house! We stayed in at home with him on New Years! Were definitely boring! Just kidding! It’s nice to stay home sometimes and not go out!

The girls got sick and now they finally feel better! Glad we got the sickness gone and done for the year! Now we don’t need to get sick anymore! **knock on wood**
My house is a disaster but I am thankful we have a home and warm heat because the temperatures have been -20 degrees with a wind chill of -50! Yes that’s negative 50! Insane we haven’t gone any where. Haven’t done much because relax and snuggle!

Ooo in the next week I will be showing you my voxbox I received! Super pumped! Also, I will be working hard on valentines day owls! Exciting stuff happening!

Cleaning and organizing! School! LyTen Love! Busy Busy! Can’t wait to get back to blogging! See you soon!

Busy Busy

Been pretty busy here. We’ve been doing school, organizing and spending family time together. A few weeks ago Tony and I went with his parents to Illinois to do some antiquing. I have to say that I am glad we experienced it. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. There were so many vendors there. I think over 500! That’s a lot of walking and a lot of seeing the same things. I was hoping that were going to be much more of the items that I wanted but that wasn’t the case. The ones that I did want though the price was insane. There is no reason the price needs to be jacked up that high. I know everyone has to make that dollar but yikes!! I would definitely go to more around Wisconsin than go there again to get the prices we do!!
We have been at least going every other weekend antiquing. Then, taking the other day for family and the weekend in between for cleaning. Although, we havent done much cleaning. I did also decide to take custom orders for LyTen Love. I haven’t got too many which is probably a good thing because I have been working on a few special items. A little surprise for a friend and also a little something for our home. I am pretty excited to be getting ready for christmas. Tony agreed I could put up Christmas items the day after Halloween. Well, it’s already the 5th of November and I haven’t yet. Wow!! That is a miracle. I can’t wait to show you all the ideas I have. Also, I have been making a tradition list for the girls. Super excited!! Elf is coming to our house this year!! I have pinned so many awesome ideas. The girls are going to love him!! Is anyone else doing elf? Have any great ideas?

Schoolroom Prep

This past Sunday I had taken the girls to see my parents. They were pretty excited and so was I! Not only because I love my parents and I miss them but my mother has been prepping items for me to take home! School items! She has a basement full of craft items galore! It’s like a mini store down there!

Little sneak peek of her scrapbook and stamping items!


When I came there the girls played outside with grandpa while my mom and I went crazy going thru things! I ended up with 3 boxes full of items!

Wood pieces, games, paper rolls, bingo markers, stickers, pipe cleaners… So many more things!

Today, I went thru a lot and cleaned out some items and organized it to hopefully work well daily. I suppose the only way ill know is using it and after the first week I may have to change it. Here are some pictures of it. Tomorrow ill post pictures of the different items we have to work with!



To end the day we went and visited Tony’s dad for his birthday! Lyla was so happy she made him a card!



Homemaking Binder

I finished my homemaking binder enough where I feel I can finally show you! Its not perfect but it works for right now until I figure out what I have to change to make it work better.

Its split into sections:

Meal Planning
Detailed Cleaning
Blog Planner
Kid Information
Birthday Organizer
LyTen Love Customer Template
Camping List
Idea Pages

I will also be adding a page for the children I am watching this fall-spring. It will be an information page with their parents information, emergency and anything I need to know about their schedules.

I will have a separate homeschool binder that will keep all my template pages in so I know where to get another if I need one. Also, it will have our schedule and ideas in it. My normal planner will be placed inside my homemaking binder because I look at it every morning.

So here it is!! I will be putting a link to where I had gotten the pages from. If I don’t post a link- I will I might just have to search again for it!! I always want to give credit to the amazing people out there giving free printables! They rock!

Starting my page out I had made a simple Hernandez family mission statement! Its how we run our household and its a nice reminder for myself and the kids!! I simply typed house rules into Pinterest and got a few ideas and wrote them down.


This verse reminds me not to be lazy.

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

Kat from Inspired to Action talks about why moms need mission statements and also helps you create your own mission statement.

Click Here to create your own!


Bible Reading Plan

Prayers for your Husband

Prayers for your Children



I am trying to do my own bible study and this is a help sheet so I can go over some verses.

Bible Study


Meal Planning I found a great blog to get some awesome ideas from and printables!

Weekly List


Shopping List

Meal Planning


This is just a common recipe that we have used in the past that I just made in word and printed!


I took a picture because I made this divider for my cleaning section. The tab is on the top so its easy to get to! I use this section the most and need it frequently! I simply cut a file folder in half and punched it with my 3-hole punch.


These are my daily cleaning lists. It is specific to my house and it works for us. Not everyone will be able to use the same cleaning list. I have found that looking at many different lists and then creating one to my house was the best for me. You can find so many lists on Pinterest or even just looking online!


More cleaning lists!



I also have a detailed cleaning list that I use for when I have extra time I can go on there and find a few that I can do quickly. they are mostly the main things that don’t need cleaning everyday or week.


I havent been very good at keeping up with blogging and planning I just write whatever I really want. I have been wanting to be more organized and have a list of things I can write about incase I get an idea block!! I found this simple but useful blog topic printable off
Blog Topics


Kid information


This is my template I use for custom orders for my owls. It’s just something simple I made in word and printed. Super simple for me. I know many people have made their templates more elaborate but simple for me works much better!


Camping lists that I have made for my family. They are in the protectors because I use a simple dry erase marker and check of what we have packed!! We each have individual lists as well that have what each person needs.

Camping List



This section is my inspiration! I get a few magazines in the mail and usually rip items out of the magazine and put here. Whether designs for the girls rooms, the kitchen or party planning. It all goes here. I don’t get many magazines so I don’t have many and I usually like Pinterest but it is nice to see party planning ideas in here.


This is my binder I had gotten from Staples. It is the Martha Stewart brand!! Which I love teal and it was perfect!! A little expensive but I decided I could spend a little for something I will use everyday!! I also wanted to show the printables I made for my sections which I havent put in here yet!! It’s still a little work in progress. I made the designs from word from the clip art. It was simple and cheap!! I may one day change them but for now they work great!

I hope this can help you be inspired to make your own binder for your family!! It has helped me stay on track with cleaning!

Holiday Catch Up


It’s now Tuesday night and I am still not caught up on house cleaning. Yikes!! I feel way behind since the holiday weekend. Monday I woke up determined to get so many things done. Cross off my entire list and boom! I felt so sick. I am not sure what was going on, but I definitely couldn’t stand long without feeling like I was going to fall over. It ended up going away around 430. I did end up accomplishing one load of laundry, the dishes and straightening up the downstairs before daddy came home. Also, I had to figure out insurance information and get it all switched so it would cover the new doctor we had for the girls. We had an appointment for today and it had to be switched. So last minute. Whew! That was close! ha

Today, I had to get the girls ready for their doctor appointment. Which was nervous for since they have not been to the doctor in awhile and we were seeing a new pediatrician. I am thankful that I had figured out all the insurance mumbo jumbo and we could keep our appointment. The girls are healthy and getting so big!! Lyla is such a peanut at 29.2 lbs and Tenley at 23 lbs 12 oz she is catching up quick!!

Ended up coming home and daddy was home from already! Tenley and I took a nap while daddy and Lyla went out to the garage “to work on some wood with tools” Lyla said. She was pretty excited about all this “work” they had to do together. They were out there for awhile that Ten and I got a good snooze in.

Tomorrow, I have three other kids to watch and I am hoping to get some cleaning done before they get here at 2pm. Wish me luck!! This is hopefully to prepare me for having more kids!! I’ll probably say about 4! You might not want to ask Tony because I am sure he would say “more kids? I don’t think so!”

Babies are too cute to resist!! We will see what I say tomorrow at 6pm when all the kids are gone!

Slowly but Surely

I am slowly getting there! Finally, I have printed my daily routine lists! This weekend I hope to get some pretty Martha Stewart file folders! They have a great selection at staples! I am not sure about you but I love organizing. I am not a very organized person, I have to kind of force myself to get there! As I said slowly but surely I will get there!