Starting Continents Soon!!

We haven’t started continents yet but I am stoked! These outfits were made by my wonderful mother. She has been such a great help with all of our homeschooling. Printing, making lap books or creating outfits; she goes above and beyond! I cannot thank her enough!

When we do the actual continent I will definitely post new pictures with her playing. Here is a little preview of the outfits while grandma was fitting them on her!




Hawaiian Luau


Last year on my side of the family we all discussed how troubling it is to meet everyone for birthdays throughout the year. We decided that it would be fun to plan a one year birthday party for all the kids. There are seven all together. Ranging from age 14-1. We also live about 20 minutes to an hour away. Also, most of the older kids have so many activities going on its hard to plan for weekends that are free with summer school, dance, softball and church. It gets just a little crazy. So last year at christmas we planned that we would try it out this year in July. My parents and sister had most of all the decorations for a Hawaiian party so that’s what we went with. We were suppose to buy each child a present ten dollars or more. We also had since Christmas to get something. Which made it easier I think!! Since, most of the time I am a procrastinator when it comes to that and always buy last-minute. Well, it turned out great my parents decorated it perfect, we had grass skirts and leis and good food! Here are a few snap shots from the party!

There is a ton!! Lets just say it will be like you are there!
































The kids really loved getting together! My parents made up games and an obstacle course which was a blast. I helped Lyla through it but really she did great by herself! She kept up really well with the older kids. I cannot wait for next years party. We decided we are doing a pirate party! So fun!! Arrrrggg Matey! Well I may have to perfect that a little before the party. I have some time which is good! It had been fun already searching pirate ideas on Pinterest!!

Back to the normal life

This past weekend was pretty hectic. I had my rummage sale which took a lot of time just getting it ready. I am thinking I may never have another one again! It was nice to have Tony home with us though. We got to have some family time and he was my helper with the signs and heavy items. He’s a trooper.

On Saturday I had only 7 customers and three actually buy! Sad I know, I learned the hard way I have to put it in the newspaper! All in all I had only made about twenty five dollars. We Ended up closing early and going to an antique shop and bought the cutest little bookshelf! Way cute and only 10 dollars! We watched a movie and relaxed the night away!

Sunday my sister, her husband and son came over to spend the day and help with the rummage sale! Only one customer and nothing bought! Sad I know but the day was spent with family so it turned out well. Then later that night we went to Tonys parents because his mom has been working a lot and hasn’t seen her babies!

Monday we went to Little Farmer. It’s an apple orchard that has animals and a play area. We ended up getting cider, muffins and caramel! Soo yummy! The only thing left today is the caramel! Definitely love fall for that reason!

Today came and I was really excited to just have the day to clean somewhat. I did laundry and the dishes which both needed to be done badly. Hoping to get a lot more done tomorrow! Excited the weather is suppose to be cooler. Oh yes how could I forget I busted out some fall decor!!

Celebrating a Birthday

Yesterday was my mothers birthday. She turned a young 61. This year has been pretty stressful and rough on everyone especially my mom. She was diagnosed with Autoimmune Liver Disease. After being out on medication, they realized the medication gave her early diabetes. She also lost her mother this year.
My mother is the most caring loving person I know. She’s been the best mother that anyone could have. Always has the best advice and knows how to make us laugh. What’s even better is she’s an even better grandmother. The love she has for all of us is undeniable. I love her so much. I hope that I can be half the mother she is. Happy birthday mom!


Day 7 Photo a Day May

Day seven’s pictures are of people I love dearly. The first picture is of my Grandma Fraser. She was one amazing woman. She recently passed away and her love has been carried on. She’s my role model. She’s one woman I truly feel inspired by! She had so much love and compassion in her life.


The second picture is of a man who I love. He’s been my support and love since day one. I absolutely love this picture because it shows the happiness and love we share. Days may be rough and thru it all we find time to love one another. This picture is love!


God has another Angel


On April 2nd my grandmother who was 90 passed away. She was one amazing woman. Never missed a birthday or even the smallest holiday. My children received a card every time. My family had expected her to pull through a little bit longer but she just was ready to let go. I am thankful to have had her be my grandmother. She was incredible and will always be in my heart. We love you and miss you Grandma.