Handmade Wipes!

So here is a recipe that I have to make homemade wipes. They are just as good as the normal wipes you buy from the store. I actually hate Pampers wipes because of the chemicals that react or mix with my childs urine. It makes me gag! So in the end I chose to do this also to save money but because of the smell. They leave my hands really soft!! They are just wonderful!

Recipe Ingredients:

1 paper towel

container with good seal

1 tablespoon baby oil

1 teaspoon baby soap

2 cups water

knife to cut the paper towel (preferably non serated)

1. cut the paper towel in half doesnt have to be perfect you wont see the cut side mainly

2. mix the rest of the ingredients in the container

3. place paper towel in container with cut side down

4. put lid on container

5. flip it over until the paper towel is completely soaked with mixture

6. pull out the brown roll and pull the middle up

7. Viola! You have wonderful handmade wipes!!

I hope they save you money and work for you as much as they did me!