Starting Continents Soon!!

We haven’t started continents yet but I am stoked! These outfits were made by my wonderful mother. She has been such a great help with all of our homeschooling. Printing, making lap books or creating outfits; she goes above and beyond! I cannot thank her enough!

When we do the actual continent I will definitely post new pictures with her playing. Here is a little preview of the outfits while grandma was fitting them on her!




Hitting the Preschool Jackpot

Starting September 1st I will be homeschooling my four-year old daughter Lyla. I am so new to this and was completely overwhelmed with all the information that is out there! I have now narrowed it down to a few great sites that have incredible printables. I know in a previous post I have written about this site and many others that I loved. Check it out Here.

There is one top website where I have now printed many pages from!

Confessions of a Homeschooler

Erica does a fabulous job at making things simple for new homeschooling moms!

I love her Letter of the Week set that you can print off a ton of free ones or purchase for 15.00 and get added extras! So wonderful! I am not currently printing off her My Pre-K Daily Learning Notebook!! So excited for this!! It has weather and time, write my name, 100 days chart, numbers, letters, and shape pages!! This will be added to our morning ritual along with a scripture.

I can’t wait til the first day of school because weekly I will be posting our routine and what we did that week!! Hope you follow along it will be fun!

Prepping for Homeschooling

This August I will be watching a friends son. I am pretty excited to have someone for the girls to play with! They are excited I think as well. I have been trying to get the house prepared for when he starts coming middle of August! Which is almost here! Two weeks about! Prepping for homeschooling Lyla this year, getting the house straightened up and organized, and spending time with my girls has been keeping me busy!

My mother is helping me get things organized for teaching Lyla. I am so thankful she has been so great finding so many items in her home that can help us. Manipulatives and also printing out great items. She has been setting up little containers as sensory buckets. They are amazing! I cannot thank her enough! I was afraid of how much homeschooling costs and really I haven’t had to buy anything. Mostly free printables or homemade items from around the house!

Once, I get it all arranged and set up I will post pictures!! I am hoping to post our home school adventures every week. We are starting September 1st! Wish us luck!

Afraid of Failure

Tonight, Tony was gone at work and the girls are in bed so I had time to work on the computer. I am searching and searching for homeschool printables for Lyla. She is 4 years old and I am wanting to teach her at home Pre-K.

I am sort of nervous… what am I saying? I am very nervous that I won’t do a good job. I really need to start searching for some support and local homeschool groups. Starting off, trying to figure out all about homeschool, getting the right curriculum, there is so much information. I just feel so lost.

There are so many people that don’t really feel homeschooling is the best for children. I don’t find the public school system in my area is really best for my girls. I am no way near a genius but I do feel competent enough to teach them. Many people have told me I will do a great job and don’t worry but that is all I can think of. What if? What happens if she isn’t progressing like the other children that are attending public school? I hear so many people say unschool? Some say its going to be so stressful with two kids. I know many parents that homeschool 4-10 kids. Others can do it, why can’t I?  I really need to believe in myself. Some days I wish I just had better confidence in myself.

I just need to leave it to God that it will all fall together.

He knows what is best for my family.


Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. -Proverbs 3:5-6