First Day Adventures

The months have passed quickly and before we knew it two days ago was our start day for school. Lyla was pretty excited and I was nervous!! It has taken a ton of prepping and printing to get things ready. I was originally going to start watching some kids from the end of August until next year. In the end, Lyla was not listening as well and concentrating. My main goal is to homeschool and be successful. I chose not to watch the children in hopes it will help Lyla stay on track more this year. The first day of school was supposed to start the 3rd of September as the other kids in town. I am watching the one child the first two weeks until the new babysitter can watch him. I am so thankful that she was a friend and understanding of our situation. I just want the best for my daughters.

I still have to rearrange her schedule around since I had the start day the 3rd. Which we are still going to be working on small items just not going in deep like I was planning. So maybe its a good thing. We can start slow and easy and then work out a schedule that works for both of us.


The weekend of Labor Day, Tony and I went on a little hike near some railroad tracks and found a monarch caterpillar! I just knew it was a sign that we were going to have a great start for school. I have now made this week learning all about the life cycle of the butterfly.



I didn’t have a lot of information so I went straight to pinterest and found some great ideas! Also, I had joined a website called teachers pay teachers. It really has some great items for free as well as ones you pay for. Sign up its free!

Starting out, we made a caterpillar craft! The kids enjoyed decorating that page for the caterpillar to live on. Even Tenley joined by sitting on the table and observing and drawing on her own paper.






That night we worked on labeling a worksheet of each stage of the butterfly. She did really well writing each word. We have lots of practice to do but I have hopes she will be a pro! These work sheets I had gotten off the Teachers pay Teachers site. At the bottom of the page it gives this link.



That was all we could accomplish during the day. It was pretty late in the afternoon and I had to run to the post office and make dinner. We decided we were going to work a little more after dinner time. She was pretty excited to work again on things!!

At a rummage sale this summer, I had found these great wooden shapes for sewing. She absolutely loves it! I think it was her favorite part. She was a pro at it!!




The first week of school I had scheduled the letter I. Our first theme I wanted to use was ice cream to make it an easy fun start. So, I had prepped and made a few construction paper ice cream cones to match lower case and upper case letters. She did pretty good. There were a few she got stumped on but once she realized that another letter looked better there she figured it out. (The popsicle sticks were to keep them from blowing off the table- we had our fan on)



I had her do some pattern matching which she had fun and I didn’t realize I may have to find her a few more activities. She is so quick with these. I will have to find more challenging items.



I took simple empty jello cups (thanks mom!) punched circles from a Pepsi cardboard box and wrote numbers on the circles and put them in the bottom. She then took the sticks and put the correct number in each one. I then mixed them up and had her redo it with the blocks color coordinating. She did really well. We have 1-4 down for sure!





We worked then on a worksheet where she drew the stages of the butterfly.




I am pretty excited with how school has been going for us!! I hope everyone had a wonderful start to school.
I have been praying a lot lately to help us stay on track this year!! I am very thankful she loves to learn new things. She is pretty excited. Hoping to post weekly about what we have been learning!

Homemaking Binder

I finished my homemaking binder enough where I feel I can finally show you! Its not perfect but it works for right now until I figure out what I have to change to make it work better.

Its split into sections:

Meal Planning
Detailed Cleaning
Blog Planner
Kid Information
Birthday Organizer
LyTen Love Customer Template
Camping List
Idea Pages

I will also be adding a page for the children I am watching this fall-spring. It will be an information page with their parents information, emergency and anything I need to know about their schedules.

I will have a separate homeschool binder that will keep all my template pages in so I know where to get another if I need one. Also, it will have our schedule and ideas in it. My normal planner will be placed inside my homemaking binder because I look at it every morning.

So here it is!! I will be putting a link to where I had gotten the pages from. If I don’t post a link- I will I might just have to search again for it!! I always want to give credit to the amazing people out there giving free printables! They rock!

Starting my page out I had made a simple Hernandez family mission statement! Its how we run our household and its a nice reminder for myself and the kids!! I simply typed house rules into Pinterest and got a few ideas and wrote them down.


This verse reminds me not to be lazy.

She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness. Proverbs 31:27

Kat from Inspired to Action talks about why moms need mission statements and also helps you create your own mission statement.

Click Here to create your own!


Bible Reading Plan

Prayers for your Husband

Prayers for your Children



I am trying to do my own bible study and this is a help sheet so I can go over some verses.

Bible Study


Meal Planning I found a great blog to get some awesome ideas from and printables!

Weekly List


Shopping List

Meal Planning


This is just a common recipe that we have used in the past that I just made in word and printed!


I took a picture because I made this divider for my cleaning section. The tab is on the top so its easy to get to! I use this section the most and need it frequently! I simply cut a file folder in half and punched it with my 3-hole punch.


These are my daily cleaning lists. It is specific to my house and it works for us. Not everyone will be able to use the same cleaning list. I have found that looking at many different lists and then creating one to my house was the best for me. You can find so many lists on Pinterest or even just looking online!


More cleaning lists!



I also have a detailed cleaning list that I use for when I have extra time I can go on there and find a few that I can do quickly. they are mostly the main things that don’t need cleaning everyday or week.


I havent been very good at keeping up with blogging and planning I just write whatever I really want. I have been wanting to be more organized and have a list of things I can write about incase I get an idea block!! I found this simple but useful blog topic printable off
Blog Topics


Kid information


This is my template I use for custom orders for my owls. It’s just something simple I made in word and printed. Super simple for me. I know many people have made their templates more elaborate but simple for me works much better!


Camping lists that I have made for my family. They are in the protectors because I use a simple dry erase marker and check of what we have packed!! We each have individual lists as well that have what each person needs.

Camping List



This section is my inspiration! I get a few magazines in the mail and usually rip items out of the magazine and put here. Whether designs for the girls rooms, the kitchen or party planning. It all goes here. I don’t get many magazines so I don’t have many and I usually like Pinterest but it is nice to see party planning ideas in here.


This is my binder I had gotten from Staples. It is the Martha Stewart brand!! Which I love teal and it was perfect!! A little expensive but I decided I could spend a little for something I will use everyday!! I also wanted to show the printables I made for my sections which I havent put in here yet!! It’s still a little work in progress. I made the designs from word from the clip art. It was simple and cheap!! I may one day change them but for now they work great!

I hope this can help you be inspired to make your own binder for your family!! It has helped me stay on track with cleaning!

Hawaiian Luau


Last year on my side of the family we all discussed how troubling it is to meet everyone for birthdays throughout the year. We decided that it would be fun to plan a one year birthday party for all the kids. There are seven all together. Ranging from age 14-1. We also live about 20 minutes to an hour away. Also, most of the older kids have so many activities going on its hard to plan for weekends that are free with summer school, dance, softball and church. It gets just a little crazy. So last year at christmas we planned that we would try it out this year in July. My parents and sister had most of all the decorations for a Hawaiian party so that’s what we went with. We were suppose to buy each child a present ten dollars or more. We also had since Christmas to get something. Which made it easier I think!! Since, most of the time I am a procrastinator when it comes to that and always buy last-minute. Well, it turned out great my parents decorated it perfect, we had grass skirts and leis and good food! Here are a few snap shots from the party!

There is a ton!! Lets just say it will be like you are there!
































The kids really loved getting together! My parents made up games and an obstacle course which was a blast. I helped Lyla through it but really she did great by herself! She kept up really well with the older kids. I cannot wait for next years party. We decided we are doing a pirate party! So fun!! Arrrrggg Matey! Well I may have to perfect that a little before the party. I have some time which is good! It had been fun already searching pirate ideas on Pinterest!!

Homemaker Binder

Lately, I have browsing Pinterest and have been obsessing with organization. I started searching house binder, homemaking binder, and home management binder and found tons of great sites with lots of free printables. I have been wanting to get a better schedule for myself and get organized with my cleaning. Some days I get a little off track and I am hoping this will help!

On Monday is July 1st. I am hoping by July 31st I will have a completed binder!! Giving myself 30 days is plenty of time to gather ideas, print off sheets and get a binder all organized. I am obsessed with lists and Tony always tells me whats the point of a list if I don’t ever use them. Well, this is hopefully a way I can keep my lists together and actually cross a ton off!!

I have a few main categories I want to have in the binder and then I will be doing subcategories.


Mission statement- I found this on

here is a link about why mothers need a mission statement.

Prayers and Daily Devotions- (monthly prayer lists for Tony and the kids)

To Do List- (daily, weekly, monthly)

Calendar- (weekly, monthly)

Cleaning- (morning routine, night-time routine, daily, weekly, monthly)

Kids Routines- (morning, night-time, weekly)

Sitting- This is for the children I am watching (child information, schedule, parent information, emergency information)

Menu- (meal planning, favorite recipes, grocery lists)

Bills- (due date, what is paid, payment plans)

Extras- (birthday lists, important numbers)

I will probably be adding as I go by and think of more items. Starting tomorrow I will be making my deep cleaning list and breaking down what I would like to do daily on what day that works for our family. I am pretty excited to get it started! I will post all the links I find the great printables as well. I am probably going to have to make a few myself just to fit it to our family but in the end I hope it works great for us!!

Do you have a homemaking binder? I would love to see if you have posted! When I finish mine I will be doing a post of it!

My Golden Birthday

So it’s about 3 and half months away from my golden birthday! September I will be turning 27! Yikes. I know most are like yeah you’re still young and have lots of time. I know I probably do but then I sit here and think of how fast it has been since Lyla was born. That was 4 years ago!! I still can’t believe it! I don’t understand how quickly it can pass. I remember when time seemed soo slow when I was in high school and younger. I felt like the school year would never end. I guess time passes by when you’re having fun. I must be having the time of my life because I swear just yesterday I was 20. I have a lot of amazing things that have happened. Two of my biggest accomplishments are my two beautiful girls. I wouldn’t change a thing. They are the best. I feel most days they make me feel young, but at the same time old. Tony and I have been together for 7 years which is pretty incredible. Crazy to think about!!

I was reading a great blog about how she just turned 29 and she wanted to do 30 things before she turned 30.
Here is a link to the post! Check it out!

I got so inspired. Made me want to make a list as well. Except, I will be doing 30 things before I am thirty and I will have 3 years instead of just one year. I want to give myself good time for a few things and this is the perfect way to go about it. Yeah there are many things I want to do before I die but there are some short-term goals I would like to have done!

These are not in order of what I want to do. It’s just a list of what I want to do! I will probably randomly cross things off the next three years.

1. Buy a house

2. Get a tattoo

3. Finish the girls baby scrapbooks

4. Join a gym

5. Get married to Tony

6. Have a garden and eat from it

7. Take more family pictures. Hoping every 6 months!

8. Sew a dress

9. Go to Ikea in Chicago

10. Run three miles straight

11. Open my Etsy Shop

12. Swim in the ocean

13. Read the entire Bible

14. Get a dog

15. Say yes to everything for one entire day. (don’t tell anyone of course what day)

16. Go to church at least 20 times

17. Go to a midnight premiere

18. Keep up with my blog

19. Have a kid free weekend with Tony at a hotel out-of-town

20. Learn sign language and teach the girls

21. Bake a 3 layer cake

22. Limit my time on social media (Facebook, twitter, internet, blogs, pinterest, and instagram)

23. Spend more family time together, make memories the girls will remember

24. Ride my bike with the girls in the trailer often

25. Be successful with my business

26. Visit family more- mom and dad, grandparents, sister and brothers

27. Finish all the laundry- don’t have any dirty clothes besides the ones on us
(this one might be the hardest one haha)

28. Finish more projects

29. Read 200 books

30. Print out most of the pictures I have taken and at least put them in albums

Hopefully I can accomplish most if not all of these!! I would love to cross all the them off!! I am pretty excited to start a few of these! I feel like if I can see them I will do them!! It will be a constant reminder hey get on track!! Don’t slack!! Wish me good luck!! Here’s to crossing things off my list!

What do you want to do? What is your bucketlist?

I Really Need to Organize My Life

Things have been pretty crazy around here it feels like! I started a business in January and I have been so swamped with orders that I haven’t been on here in ages!! So sorry if you do try and check if I am on here! I have a facebook page so far for the business. No website just yet!! I feel like I can’t even do this one regularly! I make felt owls. They are so darn cute! Just saying! I am having a craft show on the 28th of this month and feel so very overwhelmed with it being my first! Whew, I hope I do well!!

Also, new in my life is I have considered homeschooling. I have really looked into many blogs and websites and I honestly think I can do it! I have started printing tons and when I say a ton of things- It means I dont even know where to put it all! Now I know I need a hole puncher and laminator!!

Back to wanting to organize my life.

Do you even see how my posts are just crazy!! One thing to another!!

Tony always reminds me, I am a sahm I dont have to do anything besides take care of our girls. Hes such an understanding man!

I want to start following a schedule, and really put a lot of planning into housework, the business and teaching. But, still have enough time to enjoy my kids and Tony. Yikes, motherhood can be exhausting!!

So first off I need to find a really good planner for meals!! Pinterest has been my absolute savior with recipes!! I have been able to make new foods every week. Some we keep and some we toss. I need a binder to keep in files such as recipes and grocery list.

Next, I need to have a binder for my business. I have started documenting all the items I need to buy. Its been really nice to have for when I go to the store to buy supplies and then I really know what I am spending each time. Whether I am making a profit or not. I also need to make a template for customer orders. I used to use a notebook but Lyla decided she would use it as her coloring book! So scratch that. I need a binder that is off limits to little hands!

Well, now I feel as if I am just blabbering on and on..  So back to pinterest to print off things! Hoping I can be back daily again!! Hope I can document my progress with the business!