How To Get Pen Out Of Microfiber Recliner

Pen Mark Cleaning

This morning my four-year old daughter decided it would be a fabulous idea to draw with black pen on my tan recliner. Yes, it’s not perfect and it is bought second-hand but it doesn’t have pen on it! I have been proud of my 30 dollar recliner. It was in great shape and yes may have a few dark spots on it from the kids but otherwise its great! It was such a steal I had to get it! I’ll get to how to clean it since this post was for that not my great second-hand finds! I’ll one day post items I have found.

So here is a picture of the fabulous drawing my daughter did!

Pen Mark

I had some rubbing alcohol in the house and figured I would use this. I know somewhere I had read that hairspray works on pen because of the alcohol in it. They say the hairspray has some ingredient that can actually make the pen stick more- kind of contradicting so I figured I would go the alcohol route. Always try a spot on the furniture before you go crazy all over.

{I am not responsible if it ruins your items- please test it before trying all over}

Cleaning Pen Mark

Dab the area with rubbing alcohol- DO NOT RUB! I dabbed to make sure it would not spread even further. Also, since there were skinny lines I use Q-tips to dab at a small part. If the area is larger you can use a rag. {the rag will be ruined because it soaks up the ink}

Cleaning Pen Mark

I dabbed until I saw the ink fully come out and let air dry.

Bam!! Clean arm of recliner!!

Finished Area

Isn’t it amazing! I think so!!