Day 1 Photo a Day May

The two photo a day lists I follow have me take a picture of peace and a self portrait. One of which I don’t get much of… Haha I meant peace and quiet. Well, a self portrait is not so flattering either… But here we go….
Lyla sleeping… That’s peace… She’s such an angel while sleeping! I love after I read her a book and sing a song (The First Noel) she rolls over and falls asleep. Her breathing is soo peaceful.

Next is a self portrait. Well, here is my May first 2012 self portrait:


Who Wants Sleep Anyways?!

I’m not sure about everyone but I love sleep. I would sleep all day if I could. I’m pretty sure I haven’t gotten one real amazing night of sleep since having kids. Not that they aren’t amazing but geez why do us mothers have so much trouble sleeping after having a baby?! Isn’t it enough throughout the pregnancy when I don’t think I slept well then. No we get the worrywart side. I swear since my oldest has been born I sleep with one eye open. Now Tony on the other hand can hit the pillow and is snoring! I don’t get it. Then not only do you sleep with one eye open, they climb in your bed! My bed which by the way is a king! Well there is just enough room for Tony and I. We like our pillows. Soo really when it’s 2 in the morning they don’t go to his side of the bed. No they are like little creepy dark walkers… Whispering momma momma I want up! I am this point just either falling asleep or tossing and turning hoping I can shut my mind off. She is 23 lbs and tiny tiny really how can you consume my bed like a hippo just climbed in or should I say ninja?! I swear I’ve been beaten in my sleep from her! Usually a foot to the ribs, a hand to the face, head butted, whatever else can go flying and hit me. By the time I can fall asleep she’s woken me back up. But you know he’s passed out hasn’t even realized she’s in bed with us. Usually I love “omg I almost just rolled over on her I didn’t realize she was in here” hmm since it’s 8am and she’s been in here since 2! All the joys of being mommy. Also, I swear she has more excuses than why I didn’t have my homework in on time. Anyways, it’s I need another toy, I want to watch another show, and I’m thirsty! Even though we usually start bedtime ritual about an hour and half before bedtime so that we all know it’s coming! Usually every fifteen minutes! But the excuses always come. So, how do we get over making bedtime such a long process!?! I really would like sleep as well. The faster they go to sleep the faster I can lay in the dark with my brain running. Hmm maybe by the time they are 15 I may have them go to bed at a regular hour. What am I kidding myself I don’t think I’ll ever sleep well again! Anyone who says they slept like a baby obviously never had a child!

May Photo a Day

So it’s almost time! May will be here! I have my photo a day list! Can’t wait to take lots of pictures! These lists are so helpful to get pictures for project life! Its definitely a challenge to remember but I’ve gotten good at using my iPhone to take most of the pictures! Instagram helps as well! Who’s up for the challenge? Would love to see your daily pictures! The list I had gotten was from the blog fatmumslim she does a great job at getting a variety of pictures taken!



6 Years and Many More to Go

Today is officially our anniversary! It’s been six years since the day we made it official. I never thought that one little comment to help me figure out a website would lead to a wonderful relationship. We had started writing each other on a website called Tagworld. I’m not even sure it is still running. I was new on the site and posted on a forum: “can someone help me figure this out? Well, he was the only one who wrote me back. We eventually exchanged email addresses and talked more there. We only actually lived 40 minutes from each other. Way weird because it has people all over the world on it. I feel it was meant to be. We met and started dating about a month later. Here we are today two kids later. We still have not tied the knot but have had a very wonderful 6 years together. Sometime soon we will probably get engaged but right now were happy being together. He’s truly my best friend and support. Never has he given up on me in our hardest trials. I know that he will support me and stick by my side thru it all. Couldn’t wish for anything more. We may not have it all together but together we have it all!

Instagram picture of our date


Baby bullet



I had made zucchini for my daughter Tenley’s first foods. She is 6 1/2 months old. We waited to feed her solid foods because she was diagnosed with acid reflux. Within a month of being born we had changed her formula to Enfamil AR which has added rice. She started to get better as months went on. She is doing very well now so the concern was not there as much. My first daughter I had never made her baby food. It was always store bought. Much more convenient but, the more I get the hang of making it I think it will work well! I had purchased a baby bullet through a Facebook buy sell trade group that is for our area! Great place to buy things! Well anyways it works great!

First I had taken just one zucchini and cut off the ends.

Then took a very simple peeler and peeled off the skin. I preferred to do this because the skin can become a little textured. Being her first foods I didn’t want the consistency to be too rough.

I sliced the zucchini in thick slices length wise. Nothing fancy it will be puréed.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a medium size casserole dish with some water and olive oil I placed the slices. They were not covered but enough so that they won’t dry out. I also had a lid on top to keep moisture in. I baked them for 30 to 40 minutes. As long as you notice they are soft.


I placed the slices into the baby bullet cup and puréed the zucchini.


I had the baby bullet single serve containers which I poured the puréed zucchini in but you can put it anything that’s freezable.

This is my final result! The cute baby servings! Oh how they make me smile! I hope you find this easy as I did! It was a lot of fun to make!

My Own Little Model

Recently, we bought a canon t2i and I absolutely love it! It takes such great pictures. Even though I am a newbie to the dslr camera world… I think I did pretty well! Here are a few of my little Lyla working her stuff!

So really they arent the best but in the end I got wonderful pictures of my little girl. She just recently turned the big 3!! What a happy girl! I completely love her to bits!