I Really Need to Organize My Life

Things have been pretty crazy around here it feels like! I started a business in January and I have been so swamped with orders that I haven’t been on here in ages!! So sorry if you do try and check if I am on here! I have a facebook page so far for the business. No website just yet!! I feel like I can’t even do this one regularly! I make felt owls. They are so darn cute! Just saying! I am having a craft show on the 28th of this month and feel so very overwhelmed with it being my first! Whew, I hope I do well!!

Also, new in my life is I have considered homeschooling. I have really looked into many blogs and websites and I honestly think I can do it! I have started printing tons and when I say a ton of things- It means I dont even know where to put it all! Now I know I need a hole puncher and laminator!!

Back to wanting to organize my life.

Do you even see how my posts are just crazy!! One thing to another!!

Tony always reminds me, I am a sahm I dont have to do anything besides take care of our girls. Hes such an understanding man!

I want to start following a schedule, and really put a lot of planning into housework, the business and teaching. But, still have enough time to enjoy my kids and Tony. Yikes, motherhood can be exhausting!!

So first off I need to find a really good planner for meals!! Pinterest has been my absolute savior with recipes!! I have been able to make new foods every week. Some we keep and some we toss. I need a binder to keep in files such as recipes and grocery list.

Next, I need to have a binder for my business. I have started documenting all the items I need to buy. Its been really nice to have for when I go to the store to buy supplies and then I really know what I am spending each time. Whether I am making a profit or not. I also need to make a template for customer orders. I used to use a notebook but Lyla decided she would use it as her coloring book! So scratch that. I need a binder that is off limits to little hands!

Well, now I feel as if I am just blabbering on and on..  So back to pinterest to print off things! Hoping I can be back daily again!! Hope I can document my progress with the business!

Play area rearranging

This week has been full of rearranging and cleaning. Mainly the toy area and moving out some furniture we had in the area. It was a complete mess and wasn’t really even being used because we couldn’t find many toys! The girls have absolutely too many toys and really I need to sort thru them more and get rid of what we don’t use. It’s hard for me to let go because I feel like Tenley will miss out if we get rid of them. That’s really the hoarder in me! Sad but true! Ask Tony he tells me all the time I need to let go.
So back to organizing the toy area!

In the middle of organizing


With the girls it took me from about noon til 7pm to really get it organized the way I wanted it. Which if the girls were gone would of taken me about 2 hours to get all of it situated. Actually I probably would of gotten more done and purged what I didn’t want. It’s soo hard even to think to get rid of things when Lyla is in the room because she always thinks she needs everything. She’s my little hoarder! Ahh she’s just like me. In the end, I was pretty satisfied with the turn out of the room!

After 7 hrs plus to get this far, it’s going to stay this way for awhile!



So glad that is done for the week and I actually finished my project life journal cards that were due by October 1st. They turned out better than I thought and I really hope people enjoy them. I wont really know if people will like them but I hope they do!



They were sent out as of yesterday and I am really excited to get my 15 in the mail! Also, sent out pen pal letters yesterday! Way late but better late than never!

Here is a little sneak peek at our week:




Grandmas house





Outside fun!



Our sweet girls playing together




Spring Cleaning

Lately the weather in my opinion just sucks! I am hoping for warmer days! Since they are soo crummy I have decided to do most of my spring cleaning now, so when it is warm I can enjoy those days! I have a list of items aka: areas I want to tackle! Its going to be tough but I am determined to get ahead one of these days with my cleaning! I know I know I am home all the time, honestly why wouldn’t the house be spotless! Well, really those of you who stay home… or even work throughout the week with kids will understand! If I had days to myself and no children my house may not be spotless but I will say it would be a lot cleaner than it is today! So for this week I have put on my to-do list: dining room! May not be the “normal” place for single people to clean but, for us it is … drop off for paper work, computer area, craft area, fish tank area, exercise room, changer table, play room, kids closet, and misc shove in the closet area! Probably the area in our home that is prone to messes! It usually happens where I can not get any crafting done or exercising done because of the mess!! Mainly, my excuse but if you saw it you would be the same way! Hopefully, tomorrow I will be posting… that I conquered the heaps of disaster and proudly claim my craft area back!! Here’s to spring cleaning!